Thomas Shapter : The History of the Cholera in Exeter 1832

Cholera Map of Exeter 1832


This is a Map of Exeter in 1832 "shewing the localities where the deaths caused by Pestilential Cholera occurred in the years 1832, 1833 and 1834".

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The single lines indicate deaths in 1832
The crossed lines deaths indicate deaths in 1833
The dots indicate deaths in 1834

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Information from: Shapter T (1849). The history of cholera in Exeter in 1832. The book was most recently reprinted in 1971 by SR Publishers of Wakefield, but is now out of print.
This information was originally compiled for a History of Medicine course at the former St Loye's School of Health Studies and is now provided here for general information and use.

The information was compiled by : Graeme Barber

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