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Occupational Therapy: Organisation

College of Occupational Therapists
Home page of the COT and BAOT, with information on the organisation. Some parts are only accessible to COT full and student members.
American Occupational Therapy Association
Home Page of the AOTA with details about the organisation and useful links to other OT sites.
American Occupational Therapy Foundation
Details about the organisation and its publications.

Association of Occupational Therapists in Mental Health

Home page of this UK group. 

Australian Association of Occupational Therapists

Home pages of the Australian Association (OT Australia) 
Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
Information on the CAOT plus useful links to other sites. A useful resource included are position statements.

Clinical Interest Group in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Wheelchairs (CIGOPW)

This COT special interest group is aimed at occupational therapists  working in the areas of orthotics, prosthetics and wheelchairs. 

Commitee of Occupational Therapists for the European Communities (COTEC)

COTEC  was founded  to co-ordinate the views of the national associations of occupational therapists of the then Member States of the European Communities.

ENOTHE : European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education

This European organisation includes members from the various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in occupational therapy. There are currently 82 members from across Europe.

Ergotherapie : Austrian Association of OTs

Home page of the Austrian Association. General information in English as well as German.

Finnish Association of OTs

Association home page, in English as well as Finnish.

Health Professions Council

The new regulatory body for occupational therapy, podiatrists, speech and language therapists etc. The HPC replaces the CPSM.

Irish Association of Occupational Therapists

Home page of the association which currently only provides contact information.

National Association of Rheumatology OTs (NAROT)

Home page of this specialist section of the COT with basic information about the work of the group.

National OT Pain Association

Web site of this OT pain management group.

Netherlands OT Association

Home page of the association with details on OT in the Netherlands. Some sections are in English.

New Zealand Association of OTs

Home page for the association, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Useful links to other associations.

Occupational Therapy Schools and Courses (UK)

This page provides links to UK occupational therapy schools and courses based in universities and colleges.

Occupational Therapy Schools in Canada

Links to Canadian OT schools via this Victoria College web site.

Occupational Therapy Schools in Europe

Listing of European Schools and OT departments from ENOTHE.

Occupational Therapy Schools in USA (AOTA)

Details of accredited courses and OT schools in America.

Occupational Therapy Specialist Groups

Site currently includes links to the UK based OCTEP, HOPE and OTCT special interest groups.
Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists
Homepage of the association with general information links to other sites

South African OT Association

The OT Association of South Africa home page.

World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)

WFOT is the official international organisation for the promotion of Occupational Therapy. Includes access to WFOT documents and list of member countries & associations. 


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Occupational Therapy : General Resources

Advance for OT Practitioners

US newsletter web site. Most content just available to subscribers but a few articles and features are accessible.

Allen Cognitive Levels

This site provides  information about the Allen Cognitive Levels and offers support, education, interaction and  knowledge about using them.
Allied Health Professions Bulletin Department of Health monthly bulletin designed to keep allied health professionals (occupational therapists, physiotherapists etc) up-to-date with NHS developments
Allied Health Professions Self Assessment Tool A competency tool from the National Primary and Care Trust Development Programme

CIRRIE Database of Rehabilitation Research

Database non-US rehabilitation research published since 1990 and includes many OT references.

Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy

A brief introduction to evidence-based practice for OTs with information derived from Sackett's Evidence-Based Medicine textbook (2000).

Evidence-Based OT Group (Queensland)

Australian group concerned with evidence-based practice in occupational therapy. 

Evidence-Based Practice Research in OT (McMaster)

The group focuses on research to critically review evidence regarding the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions. Downloadable review tools are available.

Healthweb OT

A good listing of key OT sites

Internet for Allied Health

A guided tour around internet based resources in allied health.

Lifelong Learning and Occupational Therapy

An interesting resource on lifelong learning and evidence-based practice.

Meeting the Challenge : a strategy for the allied health professions

The government strategy for occupational therapy and other allied health professions. The document sets out how the role of these professions will be developed and supported, building on real accounts of the work they do

MLC Disability Services

MLC are a commercial organisation providing Occupational Therapy related services to public and private sector customers in the United Kingdom.
Model of Human Occupation Clearinghouse
The purpose of the clearinghouse is to maintain a library of published and unpublished materials and to disseminate information related to the Occupational Therapy profession and the model of Human Occupation
Modernising regulation:  new health professions council Consultation document on the proposed new health professions council which is a key part of the review of the professions supplementary to medicine act. 
NMAP - Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health NMAP is a gateway to evaluated, quality information on occupational therapy, other allied health professions plus nursing & midwifery.

OT Direct

Web site providing links to OT resources, study notes, news and training courses.

Occupation UK

This site is concerned with promoting health through occupation to individuals and communities.

Occupational Therapist Portal (National Electronic Library for Health)

New pilot site aimed at providing information resources for occupational therapists. Part of the National Electronic Library for Health.

Occupational Therapy Assessment Database (AOTF)

Useful database of OT assessments but limited to journal articles.

Occupational Therapy Education : NHS Benchmark Standards

These benchmark standards will be used to monitor education and training in OT and other health professions.

Occupational Therapy Links (COT)

Provides links to OT web sites but only accessible by COT members. The links are arranged in broad subject categories.

Occupational Therapy - JISC Discussion List

This list facilitates discussion and generates ideas and information about matters relating to occupational therapy. Anyone with an professional interest in OT, such as lecturers and researchers, is welcome to join.

Occupational Therapy - Medline Search

An automatic search for research papers on OT can be made via this stored Medline search.

Occupational Therapy Students (Liverpool)

Web site created for Liverpool OT students but contributions from other OT students are welcomed.

Occupational Therapy List

A personal collection of information and links from a US OT and librarian.

Occupational Therapy Textbooks

A listing of major OT textbooks, many recently published. The list is based on books transferred from Millbrook House Library to Earl Richard's Road Library, Aug 2005.

OT Seeker

OT Seeker (Occupational Therapy Systematic Evaluation of Evidence) is a database that contains abstracts of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy

OT Student

US site aimed at OT students.

OT Webring

The web ring has many useful links to other OT sites.

OT Works

The OT Works web site is coordinated by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and provides information of interest to anyone who is concerned with how occupation impacts on health.

Rehabilitation & OT (MedlinePlus)

Handy listing of rehabilitation and some occupational therapy related information.

Sensory Integration International

This US based site is concerned with the impact of sensory integrative problems on people's lives and aims to bring together information for professionals, individuals, families, and researchers 

Sensory Integration Network

This US based site aims to post quality resources about sensory integration for individuals with SI problems as well as the family members, friends, and therapists. 

UK Therapist magazine

This site gives access to Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy vacancies throughout the U.K. Equivalent to the UK Therapist magazine.


Books Image

Occupational Therapy & Related Journals

American Journal of OT
Details about the journal and recent contents.

Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Provides details about the contents of current and past issues of this journal (held by Millbrook  Library)

Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy

You can search or browse the journal in English (or Japanese). Articles available from 2001.
Australian OT Journal
Details about the journal and recent contents.
British Journal of OT
Details about the journal and recent contents. Full text available to members only.

British Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Selected articles from the journal are available. Full Journal taken by Millbrook House Library.

Canadian Journal of OT

Major journal from the Canadian Association

New Zealand Journal of OT

Basic information on the journal

Occupational Therapy in Health Care (BUBL index)

A searchable index to the journal (held by Millbrook  Library). Covers 1995 to 2000 only. Journals details available at: Haworth Press

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Information on this Haworth Press title.

Occupational Therapy International

Information on the journal plus abstracts of articles.

Occupational Therapy Now

The Canadian Association practice magazine. Tables of contents available online and some content but much restricted to CAOT members only.
OT Journal of Research
Provides access to a database listing details of articles from this journal.

OT Practice

Information on this American OT Association publication (held by our library)
Physical and OT in Paediatrics (BUBL index)
A searchable index to the journal (held by our Library). Covers 1994 to 1998 only. Journals details available at: Haworth Press
Physical and OT in Geriatrics (BUBL index)
A searchable index to this journal (held by our Library). Covers 1995 to 2000 only.  Journal details available at: Haworth Press

Therapy weekly

Online access to selected articles from the weekly newspaper for therapists.


Disability UK Image

Disability : UK Resources

Aids to Mobility

Web site concerned with various mobility resources, in the form of services and products, designed to help people of all ages cope with a temporary or permanent disability.
Centre for Accessible Environments 
The centre is the information and training body on the accessibility of the built environment for disabled people.

Centre for Disability Studies (Leeds)

The Centre at Leeds University is widely regarded as being an international leader in the field of disability studies. The Centre's director is Colin Barnes.
Choices and Rights Disability Coalition
This is an organisation run and controlled by disabled people which aims to change attitudes towards disability by campaigning for better legislation, access, leisure facilities, housing, employment, transport and education.

Contact a Family

Contact a Family is a UK charity providing support and advice to parents whatever the medical condition of their child. A useful directory of specific conditions is provided.
Throughout the UK, over 100 DIAL's (Disablement Information and Advice Lines), provide information and advice that makes a difference to thousands of people with disabilities. This is their home page.

Disability Archive (Leeds)

Valuable archives of articles from the Centre for Disability Studies at Leeds, which is run by Colin Barnes.
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
The full text of this Act.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995: Further information

Government site providing further information on the Act including the code of practice.

Disability Discrimination Act : Factsheet (Skill)

Useful fact sheet outlining the provisions of the Act

Disability Now

Campaigning newspaper for disabled people.

Disability on the agenda

UK Government site on disability issues and policies.

Disability Rights Commission

The Commission has been established to work towards the elimination of discrimination against disabled people

Disability View

Online version of the magazine aimed at disabled people.
Disabled Living Foundation
Home page of the DLF whose aims is "To make everyday life easier for people with disabilities, older people and carers, by giving impartial advice about equipment for overcoming problems in daily living.

Medical and Social Model of Disability (SelfDirection)

This training module provides a useful introduction to the medical and social models of disability

Moving Forward (Spasticity Awareness)

Moving Forward helps people with spasticity & health professionals to gain a better understanding of this condition, improved treatment, and quality of life. 


The Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitation is a UK organisation run by and working for disabled people. It gives information and advice on all issues relating to disability and produces a wide range of publications and fact-packs on disability issues.

Skill - National Bureau for Students with Disabilities

Skill promotes opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of disability in post-16 education, training and employment across the UK.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

Important new Act which comes into force from September 2002. 


Visual impairment information from the National Library for the Blind


Winner of the Channel 4 eMillionaire show - this one-stop Internet site is aimed at disabled people, carers, family and friends. Provides news,  information, products and services. 


World Image

Disability : International Resources

Disability Net
UK based service providing worldwide information and services for the disabled or those interested in disability

Disability Web Sites (UCan Do IT)

Useful listing of both international and UK web sites on disability.

Euroaccessibility Project

A European collaboration to improve and promote accessibility issues.

European Disability Forum

The forum aims to ensure disabled citizens' full access to fundamental and human rights through their active involvement in policy development in the European Union.

European Union : Disability Pages

Information from the EU on disability policies including the The European Union Disability Strategy

European Year of People with Disabilities (2003)

Official web site of this European wide campaign for 2003.
European based site on disability.

International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

US based organisation with numerous links to web based resources.

International Classification of Functioning, Disability & Health (WHO)

Online draft version of this revised classification, produced by the World Health Organisation in 2000.
Internet resources for special children
Information on children with disabilities aimed at health professionals plus families & caregivers - with links to other relevant sites.

Disabilities (MedlinePlus)

Useful listing of resources on general disabilities.

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)

US based organisation with a particular focus on disability. Provides access to 60,000 disability-related records in five searchable and browsable databases including the Rehab data service.

United Nations : Persons with Disabilities

An overview of the activities by the United Nations system to promote international norms and standards and global action related to persons with disabilities

Virtual Library : Disability

A catalogue of disability resources from across the world.


Disability and Computers Image

Disability : Information & Communication Technology & Assistive Technology


AbilityNet is a new charity, formed jointly by The Computability Centre and The Foundation for Communication for the Disabled, which aims to make computer technology accessible to people with disabilities.

The Ability Project aim is to show that quality of life is related to how free a person is to make their own choices. For a significant number of disabled people computer technology and the Internet holds the keys to those choices.

Ability : BCS Magazine on IT and Disability

The current issue plus an archive of earlier issues of this magazine from the British Computer Society Disability Group.


US based site providing useful information on assistive technology


This US site provide information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers. It includes a database covering some 25,000 products.

Accessible Information (RNIB)

Information and technical factsheets covering the full range of access technology for visually impaired people.

Accessibility Database (TechDis)

Valuable database resource on assistive and enabling technologies. Part of the TechDis service (see below)

Accessibility Information (JISC South West)

Useful links and information on web accessibility issues, legislation etc.

ACE (Aiding Communication in Education) Centre

A charity whose role is to provide information, support, and training for parents and professionals in the use of technology for young people in education who have communication difficulties, both in speaking and/or writing.
Advisory Unit: Computers in Education
The Advisory Unit is an independent organisation offering IT services and educational software to schools.

Assistive Technologies

Company specialising in assistive technology for special needs.

Assistive Technology: Audit Commission Report

A report on assistive technology looking at it's role in aiding independence.

Assistive Technology (University of Puget Sound)

This US resource provides definitions and an overview of assistive technology, software reviews, and links to further sites.

Aware Center

The Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE) Center serves as a central resource for web authors for learning about web accessibility.
British Computer Society Disability Group
Basic information on the group and its aims with details of contacts.

CALL Centre

The Communication Aids for Language and Learning Centre provides specialist expertise in technology for children who have speech, communication and/or writing difficulties, in schools

CAST Centre

The Centre for Applied Special Technology, specialises in using technology to aid those with a disability. CAST also provide the Bobby service which can be used to assess the accessibility of web sites.

Computer Centre for People with Disabilities

A brief introduction to the computer technology available to disabled students in the UK is provided via this Westminster University site.

Digital Media Access Group

The group, based at Dundee University, provides consultancy and research into accessibility and usability of Digital Media


emPOWER, is a consortium of users of Prosthetics, Orthotics, Wheelchairs, and Electronic Assistive Technology


The Foundation for the Advancement of Assistive Technology works to facilitate developments in such technology. Includes a database of projects & publications.

Inclusive Technology

Home page of a company specialising in technology for special needs. Site includes a useful list of articles and details on other relevant organisations.


Supplier of computer resources for people with disability, special needs and ergonomic problems (RSI) etc.

Making Connections Unit)

Consultancy on accessible web design

National Center for Accessible Media

Site concerned with creating media access equality for people with a disability.


Provides information on adaptive and assistive technology products including a useful list of links to other producers.
SEMERC provides software, hardware and information for people with special educational needs.

Skills for Access

Skills for Access is a joint site of Universities of Sheffield and Dundee supporting those wishing to create accessible multimedia for e-learning or using multimedia to support and enhance access to the learning environment to disabled people.


Mathematics software for schools, some of which may have applicability to those with a learning disability.


Supplier of educational software, some of which is aimed at disability needs.


TechDis works to ensure that appropriate technological support and advice for students and staff with disabilities is supported by the HE sector. Includes web accessibility guidelines and accessibility database.


A source of information on web accessibility and design advice.

Web Accessibility Initiative

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is pursuing accessibility of the Web to users with disabilities through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education & outreach, and research & development.

Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM)

Another detailed resource on web accessible design.

Web Design Campaign (RNIB)

Home page of the RNIB's accessible web design campaign.


Widgit provides software aimed at improving the literacy of pre-school, primary, special needs students and adults with learning difficulties.


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